About As-Suwayda

As-Suwayda (the city):

Settled on 90 Km of southeast of Damascus, known by its climate and vineyards, its high from the sea 1100 Km. In its great museum there is a lot of ancient monuments specially a group of mosaic boards like: Artimees the goddess of hunt coming out of her bath from the XI century, the birth of Venus, the wedding of Titess. And in Sweda there is the monument of a Roman temple from third century.


Shahba (As-Suwayda city):

Settled on 90 Km of southeast of Damascus between vineyards and gardens known as the birthplace of the Roman emperor of Syrian origin PHILLIP. The museum of Shahba contain a great group of mosaic boards which describe the Greeks legends like Dunezos the god of wine, Afrodet the goddess of love and beauty, and Orfeh the mythical musician. And a lot of ancient monuments.


Kanatha (As-Suwayda city):kanatha

Settled on 7 Km at the east of Sweda , it was very important city specially at Roman days who make it one of the ten cities which were a group of trade cities headed by Damascus.
Situated on a summit, riche of garden and trees and the temple of the sun god (Hilios) is in it and zios temple too.



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