Concentrated of Grape Juice

About this Product

aterial Name: WHITE Grape ConcentrateconcentratedGrape
Kind: WHITE Grape Concentrate
Material Symbol : Aspitic 100% natural

Specifics of kind :
APPARENT: Clear concentrate
Specfic mass :1.33
Chemical analysis : Solid Chemical analysis BRIX 68%
The sugars included :
Glucose :33.33g/100g
Fructose :32.3g/100g
Sucrose : 0.2g/100g
Pectin: Negative
Starch: Negative
Acidity : 15g/L Acidity Tatric acid
Vitamin C : 125 mg\kg
Mater mineral : 0.4%
TURBIDITY:5 NTU (Hach method) Maximum

( Grape)
The grape useful in a medication indigestion, piles, lithiasis, urolith.